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Thanks to a growing number of baby boomers seeking help for pain, musculoskeletal conditions and balance issues, an 18% increase is projected for employed physical therapists between 2019-2029. This tremendous growth is not only attributed to older adults, but also to athletic and physically active people who benefit from physical therapy interventions. Physical therapy is the treatment of choice for professional athletes, chronic pain conditions and post-op recovery. The field has bright prospects for growth and popularity in the coming decades.

The increased demand for PT services has amped up competition among PT practices, intensifying the need for digital marketing services. Today, successful healthcare practices cannot survive without a substantial online presence. Both new and established PT clinics can benefit from an expert SEO team, to increase your visibility to potential patients and ensure high search rankings for your website.

Only One Client In One Area Is Our Rule.

Why Your PT Practice Needs SEO

80% of all effective PT traffic is organic
Most people use search engines to look for healthcare services, and most conversions come from organic traffic. Our SEO specialists work daily to elevate your website’s position in search results, to help your practice appear on the first page in response to organic queries.
Average cost of Seo for PT Clinic lower than PPC
If your budget is limited and you have to choose between PPC and SEO services, we recommend SEO. Our SEO package optimizes your clinic’s website to guarantee high placement in search results. You will be pleased with the number of new patients who visit your practice.
SEO yields the most conversions, with a bounce rate of less than 20%
Physical therapy SEO services include a rigorous website upgrade. Engage future patients by improving your website’s appearance and content, to build trust and confidence in potential patients. A well-optimized website significantly lowers your bounce rate.
SEO is the best long-term strategy for your PT clinic
Your website needs ongoing attention to SEO to maintain high rankings in Google search. Our devoted team is available to provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your website, so you can continue to leverage the Internet to grow your patient base.
SEO is the best place to start
While PPC tactics bring short-term gains, they are not as effective in the long run as an effective SEO campaign. We recommend you begin with SEO as your primary marketing tool, and move gradually towards PPC. Without functional SEO, your PPC campaign will not be as effective.
Use SEO to outpace your competitors
Every PT practice wants to rank high in Google search, but as a healthcare website, you must adhere to the YMYL and EAT standards outlined in Google’s web quality guidelines. Our SEO team will help you achieve high quality as defined by Google, to outpace your competition.

What we will do

Increase relevant traffic to your site
As SEO experts, we focus on both the technical structure of your website and its content. We increase organic traffic by optimizing your website, creating selling landing pages, composing engaging content, and adding infographics, imagery, video, and more. We implement SEO from multiple angles to maximize your results.
Improve your territorial coverage
Target your local audience by zip code to get productive daily results from your SEO campaign. National coverage can also be beneficial for raising your brand awareness and increasing traffic, and for providing your leads with useful information about PT services. If you provide TeleHealth services or sell products, national or even international coverage may be of value.
Increase your number of calls
A convenient display of phone numbers on your website along with a welcoming call-to-action are essential for making your phone ring. We can also integrate a “call now” button that allows you to track customers and evaluate your SEO results. High organic traffic yields more calls, and robust traffic comes from high-quality SEO for physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Seo Services

  • Your SEO package includes multiple services that, if done on your own, would amount to a full-time job. Even if you knew exactly what it takes to run a successful SEO campaign, you would not have time to manage it and still give due diligence to your patients and clinic.
  • The Clever Team is here to help you with all possible SEO questions. Our physical therapy SEO services incorporate a variety of carefully selected solutions to address your unique needs and concerns, starting with structural web components and extending to SER and PR.
  • Our SEO tactics focus on increasing your organic traffic, improving your lead-to-customer conversion rate, writing engaging content, expanding your audience, and optimizing your website for top ranking by search engines. Making your website compliant with Google requirements is a top priority. According to Statista, 96% of all mobile searches are done using the Google search engine.
  • Structure, loading time, keyword selection, UI/UX components, and other technical components also fall under our umbrella of services. People trust fast and well-designed websites that have working links and relevant up-to-date content. Begin working on your website’s SEO today, and watch your site rise to the top of search, ahead of your competitors.
Technical Seo for Physical therapy
Making your site crawler-friendly for search bots is fundamental for achieving SEO excellence. Your website should have a simple standard structure, with viable and authoritative links and top-notch content. Ideally, your website should be optimized for both search bots and future patients.
Content marketing for physical therapy
Fleshing out your website with well distributed and organized content will win the trust of your web visitors. Your content should be engaging and thought-provoking. People want to find safe and effective treatment methods to resolve their health issues, and many look for innovative approaches. Your content should provide relevant information about the specifics of your services.
Link Building for Physical Therapy
Physical therapy SEO requires multiple links on your website to credible and safe domains. Proper link building strategies help search robots to crawl your site and display it to consumers. Links to captivating and factual content help your website score high in search engine rankings. Carefully chosen links should lead to topic-related articles, blogs, videos and other relevant content.
SERM for Physical therapy
SERM for Physical Therapy Search engine reputation management (SERM) is a tactic used to manage negative reviews and comments that can damage your clinic’s reputation. Our Physical Therapy SEO Services include a comprehensive reputation management approach, to remove offensive information and restore your positive online image.
UI/UX audit for Physical Therapy
Upgrade your current UI/UX, or give it a complete makeover. When it comes to attracting new patients, user-friendliness and simple navigation go hand-in-hand with appealing design and stunning graphics. A well-thought-out user experience ensures fast page loading, gains the favor of search engine crawlers, and optimizes your website.
PR managment for Physical Therapy
Inform your audience about your clinic’s latest events, promotions, sales, treatment options, innovations, and discounts. Invite your regular and prospective patients to participate in surveys, games, and real-time or online events. Use riveting blogs, informative newsletters and engaging visuals to boost traffic and retain patients. Create a community for your patients that makes them feel like family.

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Who we are

The Clever Solution team is an experienced and passionate group of digital experts, specializing in web application design and development and digital marketing since 2009.

For the past 10+ years, our team has undertaken numerous projects and created multiple top-quality desktop and mobile applications, breathtaking websites and eCommerce platforms, and brilliant SaaS options.

Why Choose Us

  • Well executed SEO for PT Clinics increases organic traffic and boosts your clinic’s overall conversion rate.
  • We apply our in-depth knowledge and expertise to make your business stand out from your competitors by leveraging top-notch SEO for your Physical Therapy clinic.
  • Our team is small, which means minimal confusion, quick decision-making, and less time lost in miscommunication.


Medical Director, New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Clever Solution provided SEO, PPC and social media marketing to a medical clinic. They also helped with content strategy and advice on how to appeal to the right audience.
Denis Pinsky
Founder, Savvy Herb & Webfia
SEO efforts have benefitted from both immediate feedback offered by Clever Solution Inc., as well as from internal changes stemming from knowledge gained during the engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is SEO for physical therapy?

Physical therapy SEO encompasses a set of strategies for getting the attention of search engines. SEO makes it easy for your patients to find you when they enter targeted keywords. SEO incorporates keyword selection, site optimization, and content creation to draw more traffic to your website. Physical therapy falls under the umbrella of Google’s YMYl update for healthcare websites. If your website is not fully compliant with YMYI guidelines, it can lower your search rankings. The Clever team will work quickly to align your website with YMYl standards.

What are the best keywords for physical therapy?

Smart keyword combinations target specific services and conditions, like “low back pain,” or “knee pain.” Your website should also provide informative and engaging content about the conditions you treat and your treatment approaches, with targeted keywords distributed throughout the text.

How do you attract more traffic to a physical therapy website?

To attract more visitors, your site should feature fresh and engaging content, and adhere to the best SEO practices. SEO gives you high online visibility, so potential patients notice your clinic first, before your competition. Your website should pop up for all local inquiries, targeting patients in your town and surrounding areas.

What are the best SEO practices for physical therapy clinics?

To attract new patients and boost sales, focus on maintaining high traffic and top SEO rankings. It will increase your lead-to-patient conversion rate, and build your online brand recognition.

The professional SEO team at Clever Solution can help you grow your patient traffic with innovative strategies guaranteed to succeed.

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