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Clever Solution is a NYC-located web design studio. Our employees are certified professionals who provide design, development and digital marketing services. We are experienced in search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and much more. Every solution we offer is easily adjusted and customized to our clients’ needs.

Clever Solution collaborates with small- and medium-size allergy care clinics in the greater New York area. We offer digital marketing solutions which are tailored to cover every stage of the buyer’s journey. We optimize SEO factors, improve usability, launch cost-effective ad campaigns, create superb content, distribute content on social networks in order to attract, convert and delight your allergy patients. You can trust the Clever Solution team to do it right.


The only stop you’ll need to make

Conversion Tracking for Allergy Care Clinics

Research the conversion process to improve your
website’s conversion forms, usability and structure


To boost conversions, you need to have simple and succinct web forms on your site. Don’t force your visitors to fill in lots of different fields–nobody likes that. Instead, figure out which fields to include in order to convert visitors into leads and patients quickly. Don’t know how to perform this analysis? Contact the Clever Solution professionals! We will collect and analyze data about key visitor actions to optimize your website’s forms. Our conversion mavens guarantee that your allergy clinic website will see a surge in conversions within several weeks.


Having conversion goals is critical because your business needs a benchmark. But how does a business set realistic goals? Collect and analyze lots of data to discover trends and insights. If you don’t know how to organize the process, contact Clever Solution. Our pros will do the job, ensuring that your allergy care clinic has properly set goals to succeed in the digital space.


Having a high conversion rate is an important goal. But to achieve it your website needs to be impeccably easy to use. Why? Because of competition. Even if your allergy solution is amazing, visitors won’t spend their precious time trying to figure out which button to click or what form to fill out. Clever Solution UI/UX pros can solve that problem. We will audit your website to detect and fix usability issues that take a toll on conversions. Just contact us and we will start improving your allergy website right away.


Analysis is the most important procedure in digital marketing. You need to continuously collect and analyze lots of data to improve your campaign’s performance and make well-informed decisions. Traffic analysis is also vital to your campaign’s success. Want to learn more about your traffic? Contact our data whizzes. We will utilize smart tools to analyze your website’s traffic, get insights and use them to increase conversions.

On-Page SEO for Allergy Practices

Optimize your allergy clinic website to
increase its search engine ranking & searchability


Having the right keywords on your allergy website is crucial to its SERP. If you fail to select and properly implement those keywords, patients won’t find your website. But how do we determine them? You need to analyze the keywords used by your competitors, popular broad and long-tail keywords in your niche, and much more. Clever Solution is ready to help. We know how to do it right – trust us!


Websites with optimized tags and meta description rank higher in search results. You need to audit your website and fix non-optimized tag and descriptions. It takes time to look through each and every website page, though. Clever Solution can do it quickly. We will implement keywords, check tag and description length, rewrite low-quality descriptions, etc. Contact our team to achieve a desirable SERP.


Site architecture is one of the most important factors that influence search engine ranking. If your website’s structure leaves much to be desired, it will never be indexed properly. What can you do? Just contact Clever Solution’s team of SEOs, designers and developers. We will optimize your website’s architecture and make sure that its usability meets the needs of visitors and search crawlers. You can count on our team to do it right.


Images play a huge role in showcasing your website to its visitors. Using photos, pics and images, you can easily create a resonating brand message and build awareness. Plus, people love visual content. But to make those images work for your SERP, you have to optimize them: include keywords in ALT and Title tags, write descriptions, check URLs, etc. If you want to get the most out of your images, contact Clever Solution. We guarantee that your website will enjoy a higher SERP within a month.


To calculate a website’s SERP, search engines rely on links. They take into account the number of inner and backlinks, their value and quality. Clever Solution is ready to help. We will audit your website to find low-quality, spammy links and duplicates. Our SEOs will improve your allergy website’s linking profile to ensure better performance and higher search engine ranking. Just contact us and we will improve your link profile.


To stand out from the pack of other allergy websites, you need to have a well-designed blog with remarkable content. Fill the blog with educational articles, infographics, listicles, tip sheets, case studies and ebooks to show your visitors, leads and patients that your goal is to help them, not just sell. Clever Solution is ready to help. Our designers, content creators, SEOs and digital marketing pros will work together to create the blog your target audience will love.

Off-Page SEO for Allergy Offices

Optimize off-page SEO factors to improve
your website’s SERP and increase ROI


The goal of off-page SEO is to create useful content to post and share on forums, blog and Q&A platforms in order to receive high-quality backlinks to your allergy care website. The more backlinks you manage to build, the higher your website’s SERP will be. Clever Solution pros are experienced in generating shareable articles, infographics, videos, etc. Contact our team and we will start working on improving your content. You can trust us.


After you have created useful content, it makes sense to contact influential bloggers in the allergy space. Just negotiate with them on ways to share your content and build backlinks to your website. If you don’t have time, count on Clever Solution specialists. We will find popular bloggers, negotiate posting prices, link prices and mentions. We guarantee that your allergy website will rank higher in one month.


To broaden the reach of your allergy care practice and build more high-quality links, invest resources in creating and distributing infographics. They are a safe bet because they are visually appealing, informational and easily shareable. If you want to build backlinks with infographics, Clever Solution can help. We will find catchy allergy-related topics, figure out what problems your target audience is trying to solve, come up with innovative design solutions, etc. You can trust us to do it right. Great results are guaranteed.


To build a solid base of high-quality backlinks, it makes sense to register your allergy clinic in directories and listings. The process takes quite a lot of time, though. You need to find valuable resources, check categories, write unique descriptions, etc. Clever Solution’s linkbuilding mavens are ready to help. We will register your clinic in the best business directories and medical provider listings to drive high-quality backlinks to your website. Just contact us and we will do the rest.


Posting on Q&A platforms should become an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. It allows you to improve brand awareness, increase patient loyalty, establish your clinic as an expert, and build high-quality backlinks. Just answer questions your target audience asks and you will get their attention. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog post or webpage. Don’t have time? Clever Solution is ready for the job! We will write genuine answers to complicated questions, reply to comments and ensure that your website’s SERP is gradually improving.


Creating content for DOCs and PDFs is crucial. Your allergy clinic needs to build trust, and what can achieve that better than a useful ebook or an informative case study? Invest resources in creating impactful content that helps your target audience solve their problems and they will trust you. Clever Solution’s content creators are experts in producing content for DOC and PDF files. We will produce, post and share powerful content to make your clinic trustworthy. You can rely on us to do it right.

Reporting & Support

Detailed SEO performance reports, impeccable
customer support and monthly database backup


Clever Solution professionals are responsible for every marketing dollar allocated on search engine optimization. We want our clients to know how their budget is spent. That is why we draft a detailed SEO performance report every month. You will find all the necessary and insightful data included.


Clever Solution takes pride in our customer support team. Our professionals are ready to solve our clients’ problems 24/7. If you have any issues with your website or just want to ask a question, contact our support team. We walk the extra mile for every client.


Your website is your clinic’s interaction and advertising platform on the internet. If it suddenly stops working, what will you do? Clever Solution can answer this question. Every month our professionals perform a full-site database backup to guarantee that if anything goes wrong with your website, we will always be able to restore it quickly.

PPC Services for Allergy Care Centers

Utilize the power of Google AdWords to
attract the right visitors and increase conversions


To monitor and manage your PPC campaign, you need to have an account on Google AdWords. This tool will help you create campaigns and customized ads, collect and analyze data, tune filters and set up categories, generate data feeds and optimize extensions. If you don’t have time to set up a Google AdWords account, Clever Solution’s certified PPC pros will help. Just contact us and we will beef up your account. Great results are guaranteed.


The conversion process consists of three stages: (1) attracting visitors; (2) converting them into leads; (3) closing leads as patients. Obviously, if you attract leads to your website in the first place, you have a much better chance of converting them. Clever Solution pros can set up and launch a lead generation campaign in Google AdWords. We will collect and analyze data to create customized ads and attract leads to your allergy clinic website. You can set a lead generation goal and pay us only if we reach it. Trust our specialists to do it right.


A remarketing campaign is recommended for every business which attracts many visitors to its website but fails to convert them. If that is your problem, Clever Solution pros can help by launching a cost-efficient remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. We will collect and analyze data about visitors, track their key actions on your allergy website, figure out why they don’t convert, create customized ads and target them with these ads. Our PPC mavens can tune the campaign to dramatically increase conversions.


Calls are a great source of data. Nowadays you can easily track calls from different devices and ads. All you need is the right software and a well-tuned campaign in Google AdWords. Clever Solution is ready to establish a call tracking campaign for your allergy care clinic website. Just contact our PPC team and we will do the rest: set up the campaign, track calls, collect and analyze data, use collected data to improve your digital marketing campaign. A great result is guaranteed.


Customer interaction plays a huge role in the digital space. Your allergy clinic needs to invest resources to interact with visitors, leads, patients and brand promoters. You need to show your patients that you care. But how? Make your website mobile-friendly and develop an app. Apps are great to attract and retain patients, but they need to be advertised. Clever Solution is ready to help. We will generate customized ads to promote your app in the Google Play Store. You can count on our PPC team to do it right.


Videos needs to be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. Why? Because they are immersive. Even the worst videos manage to capture attention, generate traffic and attract visitors. It makes sense to have a YouTube channel even if you are going to post video references only, not some entertaining or educational content. Clever Solution recognizes the importance of video content and video ads. We are experts, so all you have to do is to contact our team and set the goal – we will do the rest.


Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking platforms is crucial. Why? Because people like spending time there. Younger generations prefer Facebook’s newsfeed to conventional search. Clever Solution’s marketing team knows that utilizing social ads makes a considerable difference. Just contact our PPC team and we will devise cost-efficient social advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. You can trust us to create ads that pay for themselves and bring value to your allergy care clinic.


Every business owner needs to know how to use Google AdWords. Why? Because you need to understand how campaigns are launched, how ads are created and how data is analyzed. Clever Solution professionals can help you fill the gap. Just contact us and we will send you a detailed Google AdWords tutorial for free.

SMM Services for Allergy Clinics

Fortify the position of your allergy clinic on the internet
by utilizing smart tools, content creation and distribution methods


To make well-informed decisions about your SMM campaign, you need to collect and analyze data. Data analysis is key to figuring out who your target audience is, what its problems are, what goals your competitors try to achieve, and much more. If you don’t know of any data analysis methods or can’t use specific tools, Clever Solution can help. You can rely on our digital marketers to do it right. We will discover trends and reveal remarkable patient insights to devise an impactful campaign for your allergy clinic.


After you have collected and analyzed data, it should be used to beef up your digital marketing campaign. You can start with devising a full-fledged content creation and distribution strategy. Figure out what content you need to create, what goals it needs to reach, what products or services you want to market, etc. Remember: your content should educate, not just sell. Clever Solution is ready to help you produce high-quality content that attracts, converts and delights. Just contact Clever Solution and our content creators will do the rest.


Most businesses post content they create in blogs. This strategy has worked for years but it’s becoming less effective now. Why? Because nobody cares about your blog unless you are a famed guru or a well-known brand. However, if you post and share your blog posts on social networks, you have a chance to attract the right visitors. Clever Solution knows the secret of effective patient generation. We collect and analyze data to find out where, when and how to post and share content your target audience likes. You can trust our professionals.


Content becomes popular when it is shared by followers and subscribers. Every business wants to create content that goes viral. But there is a secret to doing it correctly: not only content quality but also the number of subscribers matters. Clever Solution’s SMM professionals recognize the importance of mass sharing. We create artificial accounts to post and share your content in a natural way. More likes, shares and high-quality backlinks to your website are guaranteed.


To get more likes and shares (as well as generate buzz about your content), it makes sense to launch a social advertising campaign in Google AdWords. Social ads are expensive but very effective. If you want to launch a PPC campaign, contact Clever Solution. Our PPC and SMM experts will work together to create ads that pay for themselves. Just contact our team and we will do whatever it takes to attract more visitors to your social pages and your allergy clinic website.

Content for Allergy Clinic Websites

Build brand awareness, increase patient loyalty and
boost ROI by creating thought-provoking content


Articles are the backbone of your digital marketing campaign. They help you attract and retain patients by educating, entertaining and delighting them. Create educational articles with strong headlines, lots of images and, most importantly, true value to your patients. Show them that you work to solve their problems and soothe their pains, and they will pay you back with likes, shares, links, mentions, etc. Clever Solution is ready to create superb content for your allergy website. We are experts and can bring your content to the next level.


To boost social networking shares quickly, you need to create high-quality infographics. Why? Because they capture attention and bring value at the same time. Clever Solution is experienced in making infographics that users love. Contact our team and we will start working on visually appealing and valuable infographics for your site. You can count on our designers, content creators and SMM professionals to do it right.


Building trust is critical to winning patients in the healthcare and medical industry. People don’t want to entrust their health to just any clinic, they want a reliable provider to take care of them and their loved ones. But what can you do to build trust? Being mentioned in the news is one option. Clever Solution is ready to create industry news and press releases for your allergy clinic. We will contact news outlets, produce viral news, post and share them on social networks in order to generate buzz about your clinic. We know what to do to make it work – trust us!


Visual content is king. Utilizing the power of videos, photos, infographics and slideshows is important because visual content sticks in the mind. Users can be easily bored by articles but it’s merely impossible to simply pass by a catchy infographic, an appealing image, or an entertaining video. Clever Solution pros know how to take advantage of visual content strengths. Just contact us and our designers and video wizards will start working their magic. You can count on our expertise to do it right

Social Networks for Allergy Clinics

Snag a strong position on world’s top social networks
to broaden your reach and build brand awareness


Facebook needs to become a priority for your SMM team from day one. As over 1.3 billion people use Facebook every day, you have to invest in building your allergy clinic’s presence on it. Clever Solution’s SMM pros can help. We will create and set up a business page, attract followers, post and share content, and much more. We will put your clinic on the map quickly – trust us!


Google+ is a notable platform to be on because of its SEO value. Every piece of content you post and share on Google+ works to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Clever Solution’s SEOs, content creators and SMM pros will cooperate to bring value to your allergy care clinic website. We will generate content, post and share it to drive visitors and traffic to your website. You can rely on our professionals.


Twitter is the perfect social tool to engage with your audience. You don’t need to spend hours crafting your next tweet – just type in a short, 140-character message and click the magic button. But to make your Twitter account work for your business, you need professional help. Clever Solution is ready to improve your Twitter marketing. Just contact us and we will do the rest.


Having a business page on LinkedIn is a must. Why? Because it makes your allergy clinic more credible and trustworthy. Show your prospects that your employees are true professionals, publish valuable case studies and ebooks, connect with gurus in the niche, etc. Clever Solution is ready to help. We know the secret of how to attract more patients using a LinkedIn business page. Contact our SMM pros to make the difference.


If you want to market your allergy clinic with visual content, Pinterest and Instagram are the best. Just post captivating pics, images, photos and short videos to attract new patients. Of course, you need to spend time collecting and analyzing data, creating viral images, sharing and pinning pics of other users to have any effect. Clever Solution is ready to help. We will create images and videos to target your audience, snag re-pins and shares, subscribe to influential users who may share your content, etc. We know how to do it right.

Collect and analyze data to make well-informed decisions. Data makes all the difference when it comes to digital marketing. Don’t work with your eyes shut – rely on data you’ve gathered to attract, convert and delight your allergy patients.
Try to rank high in search results. Ensure your allergy care clinic website receives enough organic traffic by optimizing on- and off-page SEO factors. This will help you receive a high SERP and eventually, attract more visitors and increase ROI.
Follow a plan and have realistic goals. You can’t win in the competitive allergy space without devising a digital marketing strategy. Utilize the data you collect and analyze to develop it. Know your next step and you will gain an upper hand over your competitors.
Produce empowering content that educates, not just sells. Your content is your message to visitors, leads, patients and brand promoters. Showcase your clinic’s strengths but never try to upsell your products and services. Nobody likes that.
Rely on social media marketing to build brand awareness and trust in your allergy clinic. People believe other people, and that makes social networks a perfect marketing channel. Answer questions, reply to comments and receive positive references to make a difference.
Bolster your authority and establish your clinic as an expert. Show prospects that your allergy clinic is special by creating useful content, answering questions, replying to comments, providing expert help, etc. If you do that, patients will follow.

Digital marketing is what we do. Clever Solution professionals have expertise to help your allergy clinic succeed on the internet. We are certified by Google and Bing.

Trust is what makes us special. We believe in your business and walk the extra mile to reach the goals of attracting patients, increasing ROI and building brand awareness.

The client is at the center of our business. We take pride in working with every each and every one. Our customer-centric approach brings value and guarantees great results.

Cost-efficient strategy for your clinic is our priority. Our company’s goal is to use your marketing budget to bring maximum value: higher conversions and new patients.

Customer experience is a fundamental business driver, and we know that perfectly well. Just contact our team and we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Customer support is what we do 24/7. If anything goes wrong or you have a question, contact our support team. We will solve the problem or provide a detailed answer quickly.

* If you want to contact us on weekends (or in case you have critical problems), please do it via email