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Clever Solution is a web studio located in NYC. We offer a wide range of design and development services, competitive SEO, PPC, and SMM solutions for audiology businesses. We take a grasp of swift changes on the hearing aids market and adapt our strategies to bring value to our clients.

Clever Solution has delivered to numerous small- and mid-size companies in the hearing aids niche. We know how to boost search rankings, increase ROI and conversions, improve brand loyalty and raise awareness. You set goals – we achieve them!


The only stop you’ll need to make

Conversion Tracking for Audiology Website

Optimize your SEO budget by tracking
how your leads and sales are generated, figure out what your customers crave for

Web form conversion tracking

We will convert existing forms on your audiology website so that you can track and monitor incoming leads via these forms within Google Analytics.

Optimization of usability & conversion for hearing practices

SEO, usability, and conversion optimization all have different tasks but one goal: to convert people with hearing loss into your patients.

Traffic sources analytics

SEO for Audiologists makes sense when you track prospective patients. Having this data, allows you to plan your marketing budget effectively.

Audiology On-Page SEO Services

Optimize your website to attract hearing aid patients,
improve your website’s position in search rankings

Keyword search for hearing practices

Use properly selected local keywords for online audiology marketing. If you focus on general keywords, such as “audiological services” or “audiologist”, you will never reach the top. We can select proper keywords and phrases for your hearing practice.

Title, Description, H1 tag optimization

These tags help search crawlers figure out that your website provides audiology services. If tags are properly optimized, your audiology clinic will rank better in the SERPs. Our professionals can optimize tags and descriptions.

Image Alt tag optimization

Every hearing practice website features a lot of images. They should be optimized – have proper Alt tag descriptions – so that search crawlers can figure out what they are about.

Site architecture analysis and optimization

Healthcare-related websites should be well-structured. It helps patients navigate them quick and easy and find services they need at the tap of a button.

Outbound links optimization

Website’s search rankings are influenced by links. If the website of your hearing practice has incorrectly placed inbound links, it will have a negative effect on the SERPs.

Onsite blog setup

Blog is crucial for online audiology marketing. Use it to share important audiology-related articles, news and events with patients, improve loyalty of your regular patients, boost conversions.

Audiology Off-Page SEO Services

Increase the number of inbound links by adding your audiology practice
to directories and listings, get more citations and mentions of your practice

Website content writing

High-quality articles are perfect for attracting audiology patients. The better copy you have on your website, the more customers you get.

Guest blog posting for audiology marketing

You can attract patients from third-party blogs in audiology niche. Well-planned guest blog posting strategy for your audiology website can raise awareness about your brand on the Web.

Infographic creation & distribution for audiology marketing

of your hearing practice to your customers.

Directory submissions

Generate more inbound links to your audiology website by registering in local and business directories. Directories are great when you need to improve reputation and findability of your hearing practice.

Authority business listings (Yelp,, etc.)

Local and business listings are perfect to put your foot down in the area. With their help, your prospective audiology patients can find your practice. We implement the best local SEO practices to improve searchability of your business.

Q&A posting

Q&A resources, such as Quora, are effective to build reputation and loyalty. People with hearing issues ask questions – we write answers and spread word about your hearing practice. Our strategy allows you to get more clients.

DOC / PDF creation & submission

files to improve brand reputation.

Reporting & Support

IncGet monthly reports to control how
your audiology practice is doing online

Monthly SEO performance reports

Track performance of your audiology practice. We provide monthly reports and offer suggestions what to do to get better results next month: attract more patients, sell more hearing aids, etc.

Customer support (email, chat & telephone)

We are ready to walk the extra mile for you. Contact us as soon as any problems arouse or you want to discuss how to improve performance of your audiology practice on the Web. We provide help 24/7.

Monthly full site and database backup

If your audiology website is cyber-attacked, we can help. Every month we do a database backup, that is why, we can get it back online within several hours. You won’t lose a patient.

Commercial website support

If your website experiences performance issues, we will help. We fix bugs, improve performance (load times, etc.) to guarantee that your hearing patients get the best quality of your service.

Services for Audiology Website

PPC ads can quickly and efficiently attract
audiology patients. Control your ad budget
and decide how much you need to spend monthly

One-time setup of Google AdWords account

We can set up Google AdWords account for audiology marketing campaign: budget estimate, ad campaign setup (social networks, devices, places, etc.), ad copy, snippets & extensions, sync of Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. We test it and make sure everything works so you can seamlessly manage your campaign

Primary setup of Google AdWords account

We will setup Google AdWords account for your audiology practice and manage it afterwards. We use all the latest features to guarantee the best results: detailed metrics, well-planned strategy, better conversions.

Setup of Google AdWords account for ecommerce websites

We implement all the settings of a regular audiology marketing campaign, plus activate Google Merchant Center (if possible). Use goal tracking feature to control patients’ activity in the cart, track popular hearing aids and unfinished purchases. Also, we can add call tracking and remarketing to your campaign.

Audit of Google AdWords account

If you have an active Google AdWords account of your audiology practice, we can audit it – find mistakes and give optimization advice. Our goal is to provide optimization strategy to attract more audiology patients and boost conversions.

Lead generation

You set goals – we deliver. You can set the goals in terms of traffic, clients, conversions, etc. You pay us for results only. If you want to get the highest amount of traffic on your audiology website, set the goal and pay us only if we deliver on it

Product campaigns in Google Merchant Center

We will set up your Product campaign in Google Merchant Center, product impressions in Google Shopping and other Google services. this will allow you to display pictures of your hearing aid product and attract more potential clients.

Setup of remarketing campaign in Google AdWords

Your ads will be shown to customers who have already visited your audiology website, similar websites, or searched keywords you use in your ads. This feature is awesome to advertise new hearing aids or services to loyal, interested customers.

Call tracking

Call tracking feature allows us to track traffic to your audiology website and increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Each traffic source gets its phone number – we track the number and display your ads to interested prospects.

Advertising of mobile apps

PPC ads are effectively used to increase the number of downloads on Google Play Store. If you have an audiology app, take your chance to make it popular.

Promotion on YouTube, video ads

Video ads bring value because people love watching videos. Promote your audiology brand on YouTube, open your YouTube channel to appeal to your patients and prospects, use video ads to bring more clients.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

Facebook is the largest social network in the world – it makes sense to get a strong foothold in it. Instagram, while purely visual, has got increasingly popular – it can help you get more loyal customers.

Google AdWords tutorial

Does your hearing practice have an account on Google AdWords? Learn how to manage it with our help.


Embrace the power of social media to improve brand loyalty and
raise awareness, optimize your hearing practice’s
performance in social networks

Analysis of targeted audience/competitors/niche

Effectiveness of SMM strategy for your audiology brand depends on data collection and analysis. Having analyzed what your audiology patients want, what your competitors do, and what are the niche demands, you get a serious advantage and can develop a fully-fledged promotion strategy on social networks.

Content strategy: creation & posting & sharing

We develop a detailed content strategy for your audiology practice. It includes creation of audiology-related articles, news, press releases, etc. Thanks to timely posting and sharing, we guarantee that your business will get more patients and sales

Creation of networking accounts

To increase effectiveness of posting and sharing, we create numerous networking accounts. We generate more likes and shares, attracting prospects and converting them into your clients.

PPC targeting

Some social networks allow paid advertising. We can buy and place ads for your audiology practice. It helps spread the word about your company much faster.


Content is king. Create articles, infographics, videos
to attract customers and guarantee better conversions

Audiology-related articles & infographics

We create and post articles on interesting audiology topics, as well as design and integrate infographics to explain complex audiology concepts to your patients.

Industry news

News are effective to share what your audiology practice is up to. It helps add novelty to your business and stand apart from your competition.

Product reviews

Reviews of hearing aids help build reputation of your brand. They show customers that your products are good quality, that other patients purchase them and are satisfied with the product and quality.


Visual content has become increasingly popular. Create and share audiology videos, telling about your company, product and services, to improve brand loyalty. Customers love videos.

Social Networks

Social networks are perfect platforms to communicate with clients
and customers, gather feedback and improve brand loyalty


the largest social network with millions of prospective customers who need audiology services and hearing aids. Proper SMM strategy on Facebook leads to a massive boost of conversions.

Google Plus

This social network is ideal to attract not only customers but also quality links. Get a foothold in G+ to improve search rankings of your website and reputation of your business Google-wise.


This news-focused social network is perfect for fast sharing of posts. Keep in touch with followers of your audiology practice, and they will pay you back by re-tweeting your posts and spreading word about your hearing practice.


Visual content is what you need if you sell hearing aids. Show compelling images of your products and customers to get more audiology patients. The importance of visual should not be underestimated.


Help doctors and other professionals find your audiology clinic. Let them read reviews left by people they follow. LinkedIn is perfect if you need to build reputation of your practice.


Pinterest allows your business to share high quality images of your products. Create boards with different products and services to let your audiology clients know what to expect in your clinic. Perfect for attracting leads.


  • Importance of tracking of prospects interested in hearing aids

  • Focus on data analysis (visitors, conversions, etc.) to attract more audiology patients

  • Proper on-page/off-page optimization (tags, descriptions, links, structure, directory, citations) to get to the SERPs’ top

  • Informative and interesting audiology-related articles for your patients in the blog

  • Guest posting, Q&A on related forums/ blogs/ resources to raise awareness, improve reputation and brand loyalty

  • PPC ad campaign to bring new customers, return regular ones

  • PPC ads with extensions and snippets to display more info about your brand/products/services

  • Focus on SMM to raise awareness, gather feedback, post and share important content, communicate with targeted audience


Certified partners of Google and Bing

Integrated approach to promotion of your website: SEO + SMM + PPC

Deep knowledge of the audiology niche

Competitive package options to meet any budget

Thorough analysis & audit based on needs of your hearing practice

Well-planned solutions for ecommerce websites

Guaranteed results with care about your audiology brand

Detailed monthly reports

24/7 support

* If you want to contact us on weekends (or in case you have critical problems), please do it via email