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Clever Solutionis a NYC-based web studio that offers design, development, and digital marketing services in the greater New York area. We collaborate with small- and midsize companies, providing them with cost-effective SEO, PPC and SMM solutions to cement their position on the market.

Chiropractic centers, clinics and offices are our regular clients. Our digital marketers are experts at devising chiropractor-oriented promotional campaigns to attract new patients, build brand awareness, increase patient loyalty and improve conversion rates. We have helped dozens of chiropractic clinics across the United States and we can help you, too.


Turnkey digital marketing solutions to
elevate your chiropractic clinic’s business

Conversion Tracking for Chiropractic Clinics

Embrace the power of tracking to
monitor key visitor actions, leads and sales

Conversion tracking of Web forms

Web forms are an essential part of any website. To track important visitor actions on your chiropractic website, our SEO professionals develop and integrate customized Web forms. We will collect and analyze the data with Google Analytics and optimize forms to increase conversions.

Analysis of goals

Clearly-defined and well-documented goals are at the core of any successful digital marketing campaign. Our marketers will provide a realistic assessment of your clinic’s goals and offer smart solutions to achieve them. We will also track your marketing metrics, collecting data for performance reporting.

UI optimization & customer conversion

Websites need to look and feel right. Our SEO professionals will collaborate with UI/UX designers to ensure that your chiropractic website is perfected to customers’ liking and converts visitors into patients. To improve your website’s performance, we track and analyze key visitor actions, continuously adjusting for better results.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis helps understand how chiropractic patients find your website. Our SEO whizzes will monitor and analyze the traffic to micro-target prospects and boost conversions. We will make sure that your marketing budget is optimized: you spend money to attract patients, not just useless clicks.

On-Page SEO for Chiropractic Clinics

Achieve a higher search engine ranking,
toptimizing tags, descriptions and structure

Keyword search

Search crawlers identify a website’s content by scanning keywords. If a website features properly selected keywords, it will have a high search engine ranking. Our SEO experts will analyze your chiropractic website to select the best long-tail keywords. We will create and implement SEO-friendly content for your website.

Optimization of tags and meta descriptions

To reach the top, a website needs strong tags and meta descriptions. Our pros will detect and fix optimization errors, add keyword-rich descriptions and enhance the metadata profile of your chiropractic website. We follow search engine guidelines to make sure that your website ranks high

Site architecture analysis and optimization

Chiropractic websites should be easy to use. Our SEO experts and UI/UX designers will analyze your website, devising a strategy to bring its architecture up to the highest standards. We will make your website simple but appealing, ensuring that visitors find products and services quickly and easily.

Image optimization

Properly optimized, high-quality images attract prospects, patients and traffic like powerful magnets. Search engines demand that images feature keyword-rich Alt and Title tags, include valid links and have correct resolutions. Our experts will make sure that all images on your website meet search engine requirements.

URL/link optimization

Search engines rely on links to determine a website’s search rank. Your chiropractic website also needs to attract high-quality backlinks. Our SEO experts will have you covered.. We will drive high-quality links to your chiropractic website and interlink your web pages to maximize the effect of each link.

Onsite blog setup

To drive traffic, boost conversions, increase customer loyalty and build brand awareness, your chiropractic website needs to have a well-designed blog with valuable articles, useful infographics and entertaining videos. Our digital marketers and content creators will provide a custom content marketing strategy for your blog. We offer smart ways to optimize your marketing budget and maximize the effect of each dollar.

Off-Page SEO for Chiropractic Clinics

Increase website traffic, attract high-quality
backlinks by creating killer content

Website Content Writing

Content is king simply because it serves multiple purposes: attracting links, driving traffic and customers, increasing patient loyalty and building brand awareness. Having a compelling content is a must! Our content creators will devise a detailed marketing plan for your chiropractic clinic: including writing, posting and sharing of niche articles, infographics, industry news and press releases. We will analyze your website’s content and generate SEO-friendly descriptions for web pages. You can rely on us to produce content your customers will enjoy.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is perfect for generating content and building links. Our pros will cooperate with third-party blogs and chiropractic bloggers to post and share your content. We will put your company on the map, increasing patient loyalty and building brand awareness. We guarantee that each marketing dollar we spend on guest blogging will pay for itself.

Infographic creation & distribution

Infographics are great to deliver valuable information to customers. Our experts will create and share useful infographics to bolster the authority of your company in the industry. We will find interesting topics, write copy, design and implement infographics on your chiropractic website.

Directory submission

Links play a major role in determining a website’s search rank, so registering your chiropractic clinic in directories to get high-quality backlinks is a must. Our SEO pros will devise a strategy to attract backlinks from authoritative directories: create a list of valuable directories, register your clinic, write unique descriptions, add high-quality images, monitor references and track traffic. We will get your business the best results out of every directory.

Authoritative business listings (Yelp,, etc.)

Business listings such as Yelp, Local and Yahoo are another source of high-quality backlinks. They help patients find your practice quickly and easily, as well as drive quality traffic straight to your website. Our linkbuilding professionals will add your clinic to trustworthy listings, write descriptions and monitor references, ensuring that your clinic gains an amazing reputation and attracts patients

Q&A posting

Though forums and blogs are not as popular today as they once were, they still can be effectively used for passive advertising. Our pros will create individual accounts on Quora and other Q&A forums and blogs with deep-dives on topics your target audience is interested in. We will not advertise your clinic openly. Instead, our personas will share their experience to build brand awareness.

DOC / PDF creation & submission

Content for DOC/PDF files is very specific and aimed at industry professionals. Our content creators will help you gain a strong foothold among fellow chiropractors by generating valuable content for DOC & PDF files. You can rely on us to improve your reputation, showing your patients that you care

Reporting & Support

Keep track of your website’s performance
with detailed monthly reports

Monthly SEO performance reports

We ensure that our clients are informed about the performance of their websites. Every month we generate an elaborate report, describing how your company is perceived online. The report includes critical SEO statistics and trends with a big picture perspective. Our professionals provide comments in each report on how to modify the current strategy to bring your clinic’s online presence to the next level.

Customer support

Our support team is ready to provide excellent customer service 24/7. If your website currently suffers from glitches and technical issues, just contact us and we will provide a professional audit. We check your website, detecting and fixing errors, accelerating load speed and fortifying it against viruses and cyber attacks. You can rely on us to keep your website going.

Monthly full site and database backup

To secure your website’s data, a monthly database backup is crucial. Our professionals will back up all your regular and patient-related data every month. If anything happens to your website, we will restore the data quickly, easily and cheaply.

PPC Services for Chiropractic Offices

Rely on customized PPC ads to drive
traffic and patients. Increase conversions,
micro-targeting prospects and generating leads

Setup of Google AdWords account

Our PPC experts can set up a Google AdWords account for your chiropractic office. Focusing on efficiently utilizing each dollar of your PPC budget, we will apply all the necessary settings, add snippets and extensions, select social networks and devices to target. Our PPC whizzes will collect and analyze data, making sure that you get the most out of your account.

Google AdWords account for e-commerce websites

Precise tracking is important in running a successful e-commerce website. If you want to track key visitor actions to optimize your website and drive sales, we can help. Our PPC pros will establish and manage a campaign in Google Merchant Center. We will track visitor actions, leads, goals, calls and sales to continuously improve your campaign. We can also create and manage a remarketing campaign.

Audit of Google AdWords account

To maximize the performance of your Google AdWords account, contact our team! Our PPC experts will audit your account to detect and fix errors. We will apply necessary settings and provide smart suggestions on how to get the most value.

Lead generation

To grow your chiropractic practice, you need more leads than your competitors. When it comes to lead generation, PPC is a highly effective channel: you purchase visits and drive interested patients to your website. You pay for actual conversions, not just clicks. Contact our team to propel your lead generation campaign. You set the goals and pay us only when they are reached.

Product campaigns in Google Merchant Center

Want to advertise a specific product or service? Contact our PPC experts to move forward. We will launch and manage a product campaign in Google Merchant Center: select high-quality images, generate informative snippets and extensions, write keyword-rich copy. To maximize the campaign’s effect, we will run product impressions in Google Shopping.

Remarketing campaign in Google AdWords

To make your PPC strategy more viable, it is recommended to run a remarketing campaign in Google Adwords. Remarketing allows reaching users who have visited your website, similar websites or used targeted keywords to find specific products or services. Our PPC pros can establish a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords, making sure that you spend your budget on interested prospects, not just on casual users.

Call tracking

The more data you collect and analyze, the more successful your campaign will be. Call tracking is perfect for monitoring the specific sources of traffic on your website. To learn how call tracking can help you improve your PPC marketing campaign, contact our team. We will collect and analyze traffic, assigning different phone number to each traffic source. We can identify interested prospects and target them with customized ads.

Advertising of mobile apps on Google Play Store

If your chiropractic clinic plans to develop or has already uploaded an app to the Google Play Store, you have to advertise it. Our professionals will micro-target interested users, increasing the number of downloads and maximizing app revenue. Your app will bring in new patients and keep existing ones.

Promotion on YouTube, video ads

People love watching videos, and your chiropractic patients are no different. Open a viral account on YouTube and enjoy immense traffic flowing to your website. Utilize customized video ads to maximize the impact of each video. Our video wizards will create informational, educational and entertaining videos for your chiropractic clinic. We can help you set up an account in YouTube, upload testimonials, customer references, and much more.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world. Instagram is growing exponentially. No wonder that hardly any PPC marketing strategy leaves Facebook and Instagram ads behind. Our PPC marketers will create customized ads for your target audience and make sure that each marketing dollar is spent effectively. Though ads on Facebook and Instagram may be costly, we will execute a cost-effective solution for your chiropractic business.

Google AdWords tutorial

Only certified PPC professionals are adept at utilizing Google AdWords to its full extent. If your business has a registered account on Google AdWords but you have no idea how to use it, contact our professionals. We have created a detailed, easy to comprehend tutorial for beginners. We can send you the tutorial right away or teach you how to access and administer your account to get the most value.

SMM Services for Chiropractic Centers

Take a thoughtful approach to SMM: collect and analyze data
target your customers, develop a well-documented content strategy

Analysis of targeted audience/competitors/niche

Social media marketing is highly effective in increasing customer loyalty, building brand awareness and boosting conversions. But to have any impact, your SMM strategy needs to be based on data analysis. Our SMM pros will develop a data analysis strategy for your chiropractic clinic. We will collect and analyze data about your targeted audience, niche and competitors, utilizing the latest data analysis techniques. Rely on us to detect and solve the issues facing your clinic.

Development of content strategy

To succeed in SMM, your need to have a documented content marketing strategy. Our SMM experts will collect and analyze all necessary data to develop an efficient strategy, describing what content to generate, where and when to post it, how to communicate with users, and much more. We will also come up with a unique message for your chiropractic clinic. We will get your clinic noticed quickly.

Networking accounts & personas

To accelerate the posting and sharing of content, our SMM wizards will create networking accounts and populate them with personas. We care about the personas we create: regularly update photos and statuses, share interesting content, communicate with users and much more. We ensure that our personas appear 100% real and then begin posting and sharing your content. Rely on us to receive more likes and shares.

Communication with users

Social networking is all about communication. To cement the presence of your chiropractic clinic on social networks, you need to engage your subscribers and followers. One of the best ways to do it is simple: Just communicate with them, answer their questions, showing that you care. Our pros are ready for the job. We will manage your social networking accounts, making sure that not a single comment is left unanswered. We will also use personas to convert casual visitors into patients.

PPC targeting

The chiropractic industry is very competitive and merely posting / sharing great content might be not enough. Our pros will differentiate your clinic by firing up a PPC ad targeting campaign on Google AdWords. We will find interested prospects and place ads where they will have the most impact.


Socialize your content to build brand awareness,
increase customer loyalty and drive patients

Articles & infographics

To be successful on social media you need to create, post and share great content. Our SMM pros and content creators will analyze the industry and develop a smart content strategy for every social network. We will create articles and infographics which will spark the right conversations, generate likes and shares. Rely on us to gain a strong foothold in your home market.

Industry news

Industry news is perfect for spreading word of mouth about your chiropractic clinic.To help you with exposure, our pros will contact news outlets and create news articles for publishing. This strategy gets your business noticed and keeps your patients are informed.

Contests, polls, quizzes

Entertaining content is key to winning a loyal audience in the chiropractic space. Our professionals will devise a balanced content strategy for every social network your business uses: articles, infographics, how-to’s, listicles, polls, contests and quizzes. We will both educate and entertain your audience, increasing patient loyalty, building brand awareness and driving revenue.


Even the best articles sometimes struggle to reach and engage the right audience. But it’s different with videos - simply because people love watching them! Videos play an important role in the chiropractic clinic marketing. Our pros will help create both useful and entertaining videos to showcase your practice: your office, equipment and employees. We will also create before and after videos, showing your prospective patients what they can expect in your clinic

Social Networks

Utilize different social networking platforms
to contribute to your digital marketing efforts


Having an account on Facebook is paramount for your chiropractic office. But to achieve success, you need to strike the right balance between selling and socializing. Our SMM pros will ensure that your content both helps your customers and entertains them. We utilize smart targeting to advertise to interested prospects, sparking the right conversations with personas, and stimulate your community members to create content. We collect and analyze data to continuously improve the campaign.

Google Plus

Google+ is a key social network for receiving high-quality links and improving a search engine ranking. Our experts will create detailed content for Google+, making sure that your chiropractic clinic gets enough backlinks and traffic. We will enhance your search engine ranking, attract new patients and build brand awareness


Twitter is great to keeping your patients informed. Our SMM experts will utilize the power of this social network to share the latest articles in your blog, industry news on third-party platforms, videos on your YouTube channel and much more. We will generate viral tweets, snag retweets and get more followers, driving traffic to your chiropractic website.


People love authenticity and Instagram is an the ideal platform to genuinely interest your audience. Our professionals will create photos and images adapted specifically for Instagram users. We provide them with a behind-the-scenes look at your business, products and services. We showcase your possibilities in a fun and effective way, building brand awareness and increasing patient loyalty


To build authority in the industry and drive high-quality traffic, pay attention to LinkedIn. This social network for professionals is perfect for posting and sharing informational articles, white papers, DOC/PDF files, reports and much more. We will create and share specific LinkedIn-oriented content, helping your chiropractic clinic attract new patients.


Pinterest is another social networking platform to provide an insider look at your practice. Our photo whizzes will present your products and services in a fun and attractive manner. We will make sure that all photos look authentic and create excitement for your chiropractic business.


  • Utilize smart tracking methods to achieve sustainable success. To know what your patients and casual visitors want, you need to track their actions on your website, as well as traffic, calls, leads, conversions and sales. The more you track and analyze, the better your digital marketing campaign will be.

  • Analyze goals and conversions to perfect your promotional campaign. To develop an impactful promotional campaign, you need to collect and analyze data. Assess and analyze your goals to increase conversions. Analyze conversions to set clearly-defined and realistic goals

  • Optimize on-page factors to receive a high search engine ranking. Ensure that tags, descriptions and images are properly optimized. Refine the structure of your website to make it intuitive and simple to use

  • Develop a well-documented digital marketing strategy. Your chiropractic clinic needs a plan to succeed online. You need to know what content to create, where and how to distribute it, what social networks to focus on, and much more. Don’t be afraid to continuously sharpen your strategy, adding new tools, methods and techniques

  • Create killer content to bring value to your patients. To attract more patients, your chiropractic clinic needs to solve their problems. Explain to casual visitors how you can help, ease their pain and they will convert into patients. If you entertain users with contests, excite them with videos and visually appealing images, they will love your brand. Create great content to see the difference

  • Utilize SMM to stay in touch with patients. Use social networks to share valuable content, communicate with customers, answer questions and gather feedback. Secure the loyalty of current patients and attract new ones, showing them that you really care


Our professionals are certified by Google and Bing. We know and love what we do

We provide cost-effective, turnkey solutions for small- and mid-size businesses. Our experts will easily adjust our solution to meet your requirements; you pay only for results

Our package options can be easily tailored to a specific niche. Our full-service SEO, PPC and SMM packages are designed to satisfy any client

Our digital marketers have successfully created and managed promotional campaigns for chiropractic businesses. Generating and sharing valuable content, optimizing your website and micro-targeting customers, we drive traffic, increase sales and improve ROI

We focus on client’s business needs and go the extra mile to continuously optimize and improve the promotional campaign. Monthly audits and performance reports let us know what’s really happening with your campaign and coordinate goals to bring you more value

Our digital marketers come up with cost-effective solutions. We adjust and optimize your promotional campaign to maximize the effect of each marketing dollar

We compile elaborate reports every month. Our professionals are interested in illustrating the big picture to the client. Each report includes a detailed list of advice on how to improve the campaign

Our support team is here for you 24/7. Contact us if any problems occur, and we will solve them quickly and easily

* If you want to contact us on weekends (or in case you have critical problems), please do it via email