If you know that SEO stands for “search engine optimization” you are aware of its role in the website promotion. What is the secret of SEO? Let’s try to find out the reasons why it works. Buying SEO is a great solution for your business. Using this tool, you can strengthen your marketing strategy. There are reasonable grounds for believing that. Below you will find 29 features of SEO that prove its power.

website optimization

1.The Right Investment

Small investment in SEO usually yields returns far beyond its initial cost, if done properly. Finding keywords with high conversion rates and improvement of your site rankings is the work that search engine optimization performs. 

2. Increase of Sales

SEO is working for your web project non-stop. This process of site improvement allows business owner to acquire more leads, contribute to the sales growth.

3. Indispensable Part of your Marketing Strategy

Keyword optimization for search engines is an essential component of your promotional plan, as well as social media marketing, emailing, and other techniques that make your brand more recognizable.

Experienced marketers claim that approach to SEO should not be business-as-usual.They recommend some kind of improvisation or a boundary crossing. Successful marketing is more than just selling customers goods and services they need. Try to build long-term beneficial relationships with your audience.

4. Growing Revenues in Perspective

SEO will bring profit without additional expenses. That’s the most cost efficient  way for an online business owner to get better ROI (Return on Investment). That leads to better conversions.

Customers always compare offers from different vendors, searching for the most advantageous ones. SEO significantly influences the buying cycle. That is the mechanism of directing potential customers to your business. 

5. The Cost of SEO

The cost of small business search engine optimization would be quite different from the cost of developing a strategy for a large enterprise. Prices of SEO services may vary depending on your goals, the size of your website, needs and requirements of your target audience, and many other factors. 

6. Penny wise and Pound foolish

Some startup owners do not want to spend money for search engine optimization campaign. That’s a mistake. You’ve got to think long-term. Investment in SEO will bear fruit over time. That’s why some digital marketing agencies offer quite expensive SEO services. They know what they are doing. Efficient search engine optimization cannot be cheap.

7. Think of SEO from the very beginning

Everybody who knows how SEO works understands that it cannot be considered as a secondary tool for your website promotion. You need to integrate SEO into your marketing strategy from the very beginning. That is the guarantee of excellent results, if done correctly. Digital marketing experts recommend taking SEO into account when planning the website design, content management system, URL syntax.

8. The right choice of CMS is only half the battle

Even if you pick SEO-friendly CMS, keep in mind that Google search is about content, not code. It is difficult to manage the situation in search engines, taking into account multiple changing algorithms and ranking factors. So, both an appropriate choice of CMS and a solid SEO strategy are important for success.

9. Your Business Card

Technique that allows growing your site visibility in Google is the calling card for your business. Every entrepreneur has to treat SEO with due attention. In most cases, better to leave SEO to the professionals. They will make your site more presentable for search engines. The right method of optimization will lead to increase of visits and sales.

10. Free Advertising 

Do not miss the opportunity to use free advertising. SEO allows any online business owner to showcase his/her project to advantage. There is a great difference between web resources with the “random text” and the sites with meaningful pages.

11. Social Networks

Search Engine Optimization influences your social media campaigns. Content that users share via Facebook or Twitter are closely related to SEO parameters, such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc. An expert in SEO can help you to control this process of social sharing and benefit from this.

12. Visibility

People can hardly find your website…In this case,  your best offers for customers are meaningless. A wrong perception that SEO is merely related to website rankings, number of clicks or views usually leads to mistakes. Modern approach entails considering SEO an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Optimization for search engines, your business concept, strategies, and goals must be intertwined.

13. Professionalism and serious attitude

Your business won’t succeed without proper treatment of SEO. Many specialists claim that it is necessary to hire a professional for that. This is not a case when you can cope with the issue alone. Optimization of the site includes an ability to develop a long-term promotional strategy, deep understanding of economics, and many more. As said above, you should not skimp on SEO.

14. Brand recognition and Building Trust

SEO will make your brand more recognizable. Your prospect customers should find your site on top of search results. Then they start thinking about your project as about the best one. That’s the way psychology works.

Thus, such SEO elements as titles and meta descriptions can strengthen your business, helping to deliver the marketing message in the right way. Being on top of the SERPs, you have more chances to become the best of the best for your target audience.

Modern approach to SEO has to be creative, more sophisticated. Try to think like your customers, understand their needs and requirements. If you find the best solution for their problems you will beat the competition.

15. Rankings make sense

People associate the top positions in the rankings with the high quality. Thus, the top spot on SERP brings in 36, 4% of all clicks. The pages that rank second usually get about 12% of clicks. The third position will give you less than 10% of clicks. So, nobody can deny the importance of SEO in this highly competitive world.

brand recognition

16. Brand Marketing and the Word of Mouth Effect

SEO can stimulate the process of your brand expansion. The more often people find you on the web and visit your site pages, the more opportunities to increase sales you get. Satisfied clients or customers will share the information about your web resource with their friends. Optimization for search engines always contributes to the brand awareness.

17. Durable effect of SEO

SEO delivers not only quick results. That is the mechanism allowing business owners to remain leading positions for a long time. This will be possible only if you do a proper SEO analysis.

18. Increase Offline Sales

People often search for goods and services online to go and purchase offline. That’s a common practice nowadays. According to the WebVisible/Nielsen study conducted in 2008, 86% of customers browse to find businesses near them.

19. High Conversion

A thorough SEO-analysis helps businesses to find their customers. Keyword research allows marketers to identify target audiences, the needs of prospect clients. That is the best way of observing your competitive marketplace. Competitor research provides you with an opportunity to stand out. Try to think how to make your offers more attractive for users.

SEO redirects visitors from other webpages to your site. That’s the primary mechanism of acquaintance and communication with the customers.

20. Analytics

Every component of the optimization campaign can be calculated to make all necessary changes and improve your promotional plan. It should be done on an ongoing basis. In this case, all investments will be compensated.

21. Why you need SEO expert

Hiring a professional SEO consultant is a fundamental element of your business success. An expert will make a proper niche and keyword analysis. That will lead to the right traffic acquisition and huge revenues. Consultant can equip you with strategies that work. This is the path to victory.

22. Again about profitability

Digital marketers agree that SEO is rewarding. This form of online promotion helps to return every dollar spent on optimization. It does not matter how many people visit your site. The costs of web hosting, content creation, and design remain identical. Efficient marketing techniques will attract millions of customers to your startup. Your conversion rates will rise quickly, since you offer proper solutions to the issues your target audience needs to solve.

23. The importance of professional approach

A good SEO agency will work for your performance all year long. Specialists can predict the factors that influence your business success. SEO professionals know how to setup an efficient campaign. They will take into account all changes in search engine algorithms. Hiring a qualified team, each business owner can achieve marketing goals faster. Better to pay for SEO at once than overpay later, when you will need remarketing.

24. Prevent the failure

SEO campaign can be inefficient if you invest too little time or money into it. Startup owners should give special attention to this part of their marketing plan. Some entrepreneurs do not believe the value of search engine optimization. However, neglecting SEO is a great mistake. Careful planning, a thorough market research, and assigning budget are essential factors. Do not ignore them.

25. Make calculations to get ready for SEO campaign

 If you have doubts about the results, try to predict all the expenses and profit with your consultant. You can do it before you invest in SEO. Just try to assess the feasibility of optimization campaign. You can simulate a short-term SEO operation with market and competitor analysis, studying trends. That will help you to estimate the efficiency of future campaign, foresee all pitfalls. You will know how to do your SEO properly.

26. Move forward

SEO is a process. When conducting website optimization, remember you need to be flexible. Be ready to adjust your campaign, change some tactics. On the severe competitive market more considerable amounts of money may be required to invest. In the passage of time it might be rewarding.

27. SEO against paid ads

Some specialists claim that PPC works more effectively than SEO. However, the latter provides more opportunities in perspective. SEO has great potential if implemented properly.

28. Search Intent 

SEO fits navigational, commercial, transactional, and informational options of users’ search intent. This technique can increase conversion rate.

29. SEO helps you to overcome competition

A well-thought-out SEO campaign has a lot of advantages, compared to other marketing initiatives. Expensive commercials usually draw attention of prospect customers to products and services but they do not always meet the clients’ expectations and needs. Search results are much more effective in this regard. Take into account when analysing your competitors’ strategies. 


SEO has many benefits. Business requires flexibility, thought-out approaches, and experimentation. You need to combine different promotional techniques, trying to get the best from each. SEO itself is not a guarantee of your success. It will make your startup a hit only on condition that you spend enough time and money for it.