A high-quality website is essential for attracting new clients, sharing information, and building rapport with medical colleagues who provide different services. Today, having a website that patients can easily find and navigate is more important to your business than advertising. Search engine optimization (SEO) is key for increasing patient traffic and promoting your medical website. Appearing above your competitors in organic search results gives you a distinct advantage for attracting and retaining new patients, but some common SEO mistakes can keep your website from performing well in search. 

Unsatisfied search intent

Everyone who uses a search engine to find information online occasionally experiences 

“unsatisfied search intent,” where a search query yields irrelevant or inadequate results. This often occurs when the keywords you use on your website are ambiguous or ineffective. Poorly chosen keywords can bury your website pages deep in search results where your target audience will never see it. A professional web development and marketing agency can troubleshoot your keywords and create an  SEO strategy that puts your website on page one of search results.

How to get good SEO rankings for your medical website
Not optimizing for mobile 

For many users, mobile devices are their main way of accessing the internet and searching for services, including medical services. In fact, Google recently switched to a mobile-first policy, rewarding websites who are mobile optimized with higher rankings in search results. Failure to optimize your medical website for mobile means it will not function well on mobile devices, and users will quickly abandon your site for a more mobile-friendly competitor. 


  • Research conducted in 2020 shows that the percent of mobile internet users has increased from less than 30% at the beginning of 2015 to 51.53% in the 2nd quarter of 2020, a huge step toward mobile-first technologies. 
  • Additional research indicates that 97% of mobile users are likely to abandon a website if the shopping cart has too many unnecessary screens, and the website is desktop-optimized only. 


Google’s new technology, called Mobile-First Indexing, uses specialized search bots to identify websites with mobile-friendly responsive designs and straightforward interfaces, and promotes them above sites that are not mobile-optimized.

Good Seo for clinic
Content uniqueness


Previously indexed content that was posted on other websites is considered to be plagiarized, which is highly frowned upon by search engines. You should carefully check all new content added to your website and rewrite it if necessary. There are numerous companies that provide professional services for checking uniqueness, resolving errors, optimizing SEO and providing marketing services to increase your website’s traffic and conversions. Using professional services to fine-tune your website’s performance will free you up to run your clinic and focus on patient care. 


A well-tuned website is essential for attracting new business and increasing revenue. Regularly posting high-quality content and updating your website will help it stay relevant, and prevent it from losing its position in search results. Getting a professional SEO audit of your website is a small investment that can bring in big profits. Working with a professional SEO agency is an effective and affordable way to grow your medical website’s online presence and brand recognition.